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Burst Geyser? - We can help!


A burst geyser can happen at the most inconvenient of times.

If you have a burst geyser in the Johannesburg, Sandton or Midrand areas, we can fix the problem.

As soon as you notice you have a burst geyser, Call Bramley Plumbers on 011 444 4732 / 082 441 8287

What to do when your geyser bursts


The electric power supply switch to the geyser at the DB board should be shut off as soon as a leak or burst is noticed. The hot water inside the geyser should be run out into a bath until it is cold. The water will stop leaking out of the geyser when it is filled with cold water. It usually leaks through a fine crack caused by over heated water. Try dry the ceiling inside if possible, or just call plumbers. The geyser may have burst if there are not a vacuum breakers fitted on the inlet and outlet pipes, or if the thermostat malfunctions overheating the water. A new geyser always has a five year gaurantee.



 How A Geyser Works

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